Tire repair

Puncture repair for Carova’s 4×4 beach.

Feeling deflated

You’re enjoying a fantastic holiday in Carova on the Outer Banks. The sun is shining and the waves can be heard crashing against the sea shore in the distance.

Your family have just finished breakfast and come outside, excited to venture out and see what Corolla has to offer, only to discover that one of the tires on your truck, car or SUV are completely flat.

You only have one vehicle, and a feeling of dread starts to sink in as you begin to realize just how far away from the nearest tire shop you actually are. You check the spare tire… iIt’s been a while since you last checked and the spare has become deflated and useless.

Mobile tire repair service

Fear not! North Beach Recovery are just a telephone call away. We can send a tire repair specialist straight to your holiday home on the beach and perform a tire repair as you and your family get ready for the day out that you had planned.

Tire repair usually takes less than 30 minutes and will get you back on the road so that you can enjoy the rest of your stay. We can even take your wheel away if necessary and wrap your rim with some brand new rubber for an additional charge.

4×4 Beach Puncture Repair

North Beach Recovery have been repairing punctures for customers on Carova Beach and throughout Corolla for over 25 years and our tire repair technicians carry all the tools needed to make the repair while you wait.

After a bad storm, a lot of debris may wash up and nails may be hiding in the sand. When fences collapse due to sand shifting in bad storms, the beach can be a dangerous place to drive and visitors often get punctures which requires our assistance.

If you need our help then get in touch with a tire repair specialist today and get on your way!