That Sinking Feeling

Rolling in the deep.

Deceptively deep puddles

Each year we get a lot of calls from proud vehicle owners who have taken their shiny new toys out wading after heavy rain and miscalculated the depth of a puddle while exploring the beautiful picturesque back roads of Carova, North Carolina.

After taking his truck for a drive, the owner of this vehicle noticed that water had started gushing in through the doors and was beginning to fill the foot wells and shoes of his loved one. His vehicle had started to loose traction, becoming stuck at the deep end of what looked like a shallow puddle.

Stuck Truck Puddle Water Carova

Reality sinks in

The gargling at the back of the truck can no longer be heard, and you suddenly realize that your vehicle has stopped running. That cheap snorkel you bought off Amazon is letting water into the engine fast. You’re thinking that this was the worst idea you’ve ever had.

Vehicles sometimes stop running and fail to restart when this happens and the engine can become hydro-locked. For this particular customer thankfully that wasn’t the case. He did a quick Google search and managed to find us. Luckily for him we work weekends.

His girlfriend did however definitely get her feet wet! The truck owner’s pride and joy was a modified Ford which had to be towed out of this rather large and deceptively deep puddle. The owner and his girlfriend were in high spirits, probably as they felt so relieved that they could spend the remainder of their vacation swimming in their pool instead of their truck.

Tree Cutting Carova

A cut above the rest

The back roads of Carova are often not maintained and can become overgrown. In this case, we thought it best to do a little pruning before the Ford was towed in order to cut back some of the tree branches that encroached the water.

This extra effort ensured that the owners truck wasn’t scratched by any of the branches as it was towed out. Luckily the owner was able to start the truck and continue exploring Carova with his partner. We can only assumed that she dried out eventually!

Got yourself in a puddle?

If you find yourself neck deep in water and need our help, get in touch with North Beach Recovery for a tow today!

Stuck Truck Puddle Water Carova