School Rescue

A letter from the children at Selah School.

This December we helped a convoy of children who got stranded on the dunes of the Outer Banks. The Children of Selah School kindly wrote to us personally to thank us for the assistance. Things like this really make our day!

Dear Mr Chase,

The Selah school would like to thank you for rescuing our vehicles from the powdered sand of the Outer Banks. In the dark of night or in the sunny days, when the wind could blow you away and the waves carried the brightest blue reflection of the sky you were always available. You always provided safe and quick passage over the dunes. You helped teach our drivers the best route and mindset to have when catching air over the dunes. We hope to visit again in the future and when we do it would be an honor to have you rescue our vehicles from the clutches of the Outer Banks sandy dunes once more. Thank you.

Selah School

Full letter of thanks from the children at Selah School