Sound salvage

Broken down boat recovery.

Marine mayhem

The weather was great, the wind was calm and so a couple of people decided to take their boat out on Currituck sound for a test drive. The owner was trying to sell her 2010 Carolina Skiff DLV and took an interested party out to show them what it was capable of. As it turns out, not a lot!

The vessel looked to be in great condition and was obviously well taken care of, however the boat was harboring a dirty little secret and this became apparent as the owner turned her vessel around to head back to Carova, which was where they set off on their maiden voyage.

Broken down boats

Because the owner used regular fuel and because the boat had not been used for many months, the fuel lines started to break down and tiny pieces of rubber had managed to block the injectors which caused the engine to stop running while they were in the middle of Currituck sound.

One of the passengers was able to call our boat recovery crew and the vessel was able to be towed safely back to dry land. The rescue operation was over within the hour, with the owner and the passengers finally able to look back and laugh the experience off.

As the passengers were out with their three year old son, they became a little worried because the trip was only meant to be brief in order for them to see how the boat runs. They were a little unprepared and had forgotten to bring food and water.

Chase gave everybody a cold can and a bottle of water when they finally made it back.

Boat engine issues Corolla, North Carolina

Engine repair service

Safe to say, the person who was interested in purchasing the boat decided not to proceed. The boat’s engine was taken by our team for repair at a local marine engine specialist and had all the fuel lines replaced, new injectors installed and was back with the owner in no time.

The fuel tank was also flushed and all parts were cleaned thoroughly before if was returned to the owner. Despite the trial-by-sea, the boat was eventually back up and running again and was eventually sold.

Towing sea & sound

If your boat or jet ski breaks down and you find yourself in trouble needing a sea or sound tow, get in touch with North Beach Recovery for a prompt and professional rescue by an experienced team.