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If you’ve recently purchased a new shed and need a delivery service to get it from A to B, you’ll be happy to hear that North Beach Recovery are now offering transportation for wide loads and for heavy or oversized cargo.

We recently assisted in the delivery of a customer’s brand new custom shed, managing to collect it from the manufacturer in Currituck and bring it over to their beach house in Corolla. This involved some planning as their house was situated in Carova on the 4×4 beach.

Careful with your cargo

The shed was carefully moved onto our new trailer. It was driven and stored at a secure location and was taken to the customer the following day. We even helped to prepare the foundation for the shed. Preparation was done by laying breeze blocks, rolling the shed and then making sure that it was level.

We also installed pins to ensure that the new building doesn’t blow over in a hurricane. The shed was raised above ground level to ensure that it doesn’t get flooded after heavy rainfall.

Getting the garden shed to the customer did prove to be tricky as the shed was to be situated in the back garden of his beach house in an area which was not easily accessible. The transportation project was a success however and the owner seemed very happy with our service.

We were careful not to scratch the shed on any of the bushes leading to the property.

Wide load

The whole process took place over the weekend from start to finish. It involved two trucks, our new custom built trailer which has been made to accommodate wide loads, and three strong men. We would also like to thank the customer for their patience, hospitality and for the large box of chocolate chip cookies that were kindly given to our crew!

It’s always great to see a happy customer. The transportation of heavy items can be difficult and stressful, especially when deliveries are expected on Carova’s 4×4 beach. Luckily logistics is what we are good at.

Help moving large cargo

If you need our help moving your new garden shed, garage, tiny home or outbuilding then get in touch with a moving specialist today!