When you’re in too deep…

Between the warming air and the peaceful acoustics of the ocean waves, it stands to reason why the beaches of Corolla are such a desirable place in which to soak. That is especially true this time of year as tourists and locals are trying to pack in their last beach ‘hoorah’ before the cooler weather hits. However, being on the towing and recovery side of things, this time of year also creates record-breaking waves of desperate calls from customers with hydrolocked engines and electrical issues caused by excessive water damage. And yes, those waterlogged calls do often come from weekend warriors in modified jeeps who thought they were impervious to the deceptively deep puddles up on the back roads of Carova beach.

Whether you are in a small car or a borderline legal elevated truck, everyone has the risk of getting caught up in a deep puddle they can’t compete with during this rainfall-rich season. But have the peace of mind knowing that if you do happen to find yourself broken down while wading in Corolla, we here at North Beach Recovery are just one call/text away to help get you up and running again on all fours.

Water-damaged trucks & SUV’s

When we say we have seen it all, we are not kidding. From beach rescue, towing to everything else in-between, we have specialized in every recovery intricacy under the beach sun since 1994. And guess what? Helping tourists and locals with vehicle water damage is certainly towards the top of that list during hurricane season.

24/7 emergency support services

  • A fully qualified and vetted team of towing and mechanic professionals
  • Roadside beach diagnostics and repairs
  • Towing services for prolonged repair needs
  • Transportation services to bring you and your family back to safety while your vehicle is being worked on

Hydrolocked engine fixes and electrical repairs from water damage is one thing. But do you have a different problem other than being broke down after wading in Corolla? If so, you can check out the other many support/recovery services here.

Hydrolocked? No Vehicle? No Problem!

Coming face to face with vehicle water damage or needing hydrolocked engine repairs is something no one ever wants to deal with. But the cold hard truth is that it does happen quite often this time of year, and any sized vehicle has the potential to meet its match against deep water. Now, instead of going into full panic mode when becoming broke down in Corolla, simply give us a call and we will be at your location within minutes to help.

Not only do we offer full diagnostic support and repair using our qualified mechanics, but we can also get you and your family (including pets) to a safe, dry place while your vehicle is being fixed. In the end, being waterlogged sucks, but knowing that you have a committed recovery team on standby 24/7 can make the entire experience a little less sucky. That is what we are here for, and though we hope you never need to call us for this non-lovely reason, just know that you always can.