Ditched Davidson

When the corner is sharper than expected

Bad bends in Knotts Island

We had a call the other week from a sheriff over in Knotts Island who needed assistance with motorcycle recovery. This one was a rather beautiful Harley Davidson that had ended up in a ditch by the roadside.

Luckily nobody was hurt and the bike had sustained minimal damage. The owner took this magnificent machine off-roading after they miscalculated the bend, not realizing how sharp the progressive left was and the motorcycle ended up in a bar ditch.

It’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last bike that we recover from that bend. On average we see several motorcycles meet their muddy maker in this exact same location. As we were performing the recovery, several more motorcycle enthusiasts flew by our recovery crew.

We had placed a number of cones on the road to alert other drivers as the recovery operation took place.

One Heavy Harley!

It looked worse that it was as the mud can easily be cleaned and the bike should be up and running again in no time after a little maintenance and replacement of a few parts. Two members of our crew struggled to reposition the motorbike as it was pulled out.

The Harley Davidson motorcycle was so heavy that the owner wouldn’t have been able to get it out on his own or without a dedicated recovery vehicle.

Luckily we had a tow truck near to the scene at the time and Chase was able to recover the motorcycle and store it somewhere safe before it was reunited with it’s rider. The insurance company took care of the recovery costs and the job was done and dusted within the hour.

Motorcycle recovery service

North Beach Recovery have been working with the local sheriff’s office for many years assisting with thousands of vehicle recovery operations such as this one. We take great care when recovering, towing and transporting vehicles as we know how much they mean to their owners.

If you’re out riding this summertime, please take care when you’re out and about! If you get your motorcycle marooned and need our help, get in touch with a qualified towing technician today.

Motorcycle stuck in ditch Knotts Island