Beach Driving Tips

Your guide to driving safely on the 4×4 area of North Beach, Corolla.

Driving safely on sand
Pro tip #1

A heavy vehicle tends to dig into the sand more easily, so try to keep your load light when traversing the beach. An overloaded truck will affect ground clearance, and will get you stuck quicker.

Pro tip #2

We recommend deflating each of your tires to around 18 PSI. Reducing the tire pressure will provide more traction and reduce the risk of you getting stuck.

When you get to the tarmacked area in Corolla, there’s a place to air-up, so your vehicle can drive safely on a hard surface again.

Pro tip #3

Knowing when to time your outings is useful, as a low tide can provide better beach conditions.

This helps to avoid driving in the small strip of sand at the top of the beach, where the sand is too loose and where the ruts are too deep. Check tide times before each journey.

Pro tip #4

Having a capable car or pickup truck is a must. We recommend lifted 4×4 vehicles with good ground clearance, large wheels and lots of power to get you out of any sticky situations in a timely manner.

This will ensure your safety, and that you look and sound amazing.

Pro tip #5

Obviously you should be driving slow on the beach, as there are many hidden bumps and ruts that can cause some serious damage – and because you don’t want a crash with another vehicle.

You should also remember to wash your car thoroughly after driving on Corolla’s North Beach, to remove any residual salt and so your pride & joy doesn’t rust away and loose value.

Beach Rescue

Call or text our emergency hotline for urgent assistance, if your vehicle is stuck on North Beach, Corolla NC.