Est. 1994

North Beach Recovery has grown to become a brand that’s loved and well respected, by the community and visiting tourists alike.

Proud and prominent Corolla residents Chase and Ronda are sponsors of a local highway, volunteering to clean litter each year and keep their beautiful home pristine for everyone to enjoy.


Meet Chase

Chase is a local businessman, a skilled engineer and an experienced mechanic who has lived and worked on North Beach, Corolla for several decades.

With a penchant for sea food, and a passion for 4×4 rock-climbing – it’s often thought that Chase has actual engine oil running through his veins. Breaking and fixing Jeeps while camping out in the Arizona desert on an overland adventure tour is how he likes to spend his holidays.

A volunteer fireman and pillar of the community, Chase is a knowledgeable, dedicated professional who makes himself available 24/7 to assist customers.

If you’ve ever visited OBX, chances are that you’ve already met Mr Chase Hall-Davenport.

Allstate Roadside Services
Chase Hall-Davenport
Owner - North Beach Recovery
Ronda Galko
Office Manager - North Beach Recovery

Meet Ronda

Ronda helps to keep stranded passengers relaxed & entertained during beach rescue operations.

Also a volunteer firefighter, Ronda always manages to get the job done. Her role as Office Manager at North Beach Recovery often extends to manual labor – never afraid to get dirty or break a nail.

When she’s not in Corolla assisting her beloved partner on towing & recovery call-outs, Ronda moonlights as a real estate agent and can often be seen showing potential buyers around their next dream home. Behind every great man is a great woman, and Ronda is no exception.

Qualifications & achievements